Some Good Things Come in Little Packages!


And some things don’t! You all know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Do I have to spell it out? Okay…. P*E*N*I*S*E*S?

But books, they can be big, they can be small, they can be wide and they can be tall!

The After Dark series are little books with a whole lot of punch! We call them novellas because they’re between 25,000 and 30,000 words. And so fucking much fun to write and read! Got a craving for hot savage alpha males? We got you covered!  These dark romances have a splash of depravity, a pinch of wickedness and a handful of romance. 

What’s my point? I have two big ones (and I’m not talking about cupcakes)!annie-spratt-553038-unsplash

First big point:

collared_cover-2-1Collared up for presales right now on Amazon for $0.99. Don’t want to buy it but still want to read it? No problem! It will be available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited in THREE (yes, I said 3!) days.


I have been so excited about this. It’s like having a baby – you know, the seed of an idea, germinating and taking root, then growing into something amazing, something worth sharing with the rest of the world. No… that’s not a baby. That sounds more like a bottle of wine. Or a plant. Or a plant in an egg.

I’m digressing again. Get your presale copy now. Or don’t. Wait three more days and read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. You will not be disappointed. Shocked, amazed, and possible titillated, but not disappointed.

Second big point:

safewordSafeword is up for presales now too for just $0.99! This little darling will be published on March 31, so now’s the time to buy the book. You know, before they’re sold out. Okay, they won’t sell-out because they’re e-books.

https___cdn.evbuc.com_images_44147046_159080978064_1_originalBut there will be paperbacks too. Nikita will be bringing signed copies with her to RTF 19 – Romancing the Falls in Niagara Falls on May 18th. For more information

I won’t be coming with her. My ankle monitor doesn’t allow me past the front door. I’m kidding, sort of. My two favourite cops said not to leave town. I’m researching an MMF with them and we’re busy day.

That’s not all. Well it’s close to all. Out third book, Chained, is almost completed and will go up for pre-sales in early April.

Happy Reading!
Love Jasmin (writer of blog post) & Nikita (innocent victim)

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PSS: Quick links and descriptions of the books can be found on our Novella page

Our Dirty Little Secrets

We’re so excited to be launching our Quinn & Slater After Dark Series. So much fun to collaborate. These little novellas are between 25k to 30k words. They’re small, but they pack a lot of punch!

A few things you should know about us. We’re both romance authors, both love the dark side of romance, and both love to write. It’s like a perfect storm of possibilities.

Collared: A Dark Captive Romance will be available on March 15th on Amazon and FREE on Kindle Unlimited. It’s twisted, kinky and a joyride that you never want to end. We wrote this book with wine and we highly recommend you drink it wine wine. Or if you don’t drink, light some candles, draw yourself a bubble bath and indulge.

Safeword: A Dark Romance will be available March 30 on Amazon and Free on Kindle Unlimited. It’s different from Collared, but we’re not going to say how. You’ll have to wait and see.

Chained: A Dark Mafia Marriage is set to publish at the end of April and then we hope to publish one of these little indulgences monthly.

These reads are short, kinky and may quickly top your books-to-reread list.

Stay tuned. There’s so much more to come!

Love Nik & Jas