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Who’s a Good Girl?

Who’s a good girl? I’m a good girl! Nikita’s a good girl! We’re all good girls, and good girls can be very, very bad sometimes. Cadence is a good girl too. And Good Girl (A Captive BDSM Romance) is now available on Amazon. CadenceWe have a contract. We play, I submit, I leave. No strings. He’s my dominant, nothing more. And then I screwed … Read More Who’s a Good Girl?


If Chained were a Book – Oh Wait. It is! And it’s Out!

Please don’t judge me, but I need to put it out there. I’m married. I wasn’t forced into marriage. It was voluntary. Also, I’m not married to a mafia guy, a shifter, a billionaire, or a biker. I don’t know where I went wrong. Neither does my husband. We don’t do three-ways and we’re still undecided about the HEA. We commit to each other … Read More If Chained were a Book – Oh Wait. It is! And it’s Out!


Safeword – Do you have yours?

Safeword is out… I mean in… I mean available on the Amazon bookshelf! If you pre-ordered, it should be already on your Kindle Reader. If you didn’t, it’s FREE now on Kindle Unlimited. I’ve been thinking a lot about safewords. Shouldn’t we all have them? Mine would be ‘Please Please’ for stop and ‘Yes Please’ for slow down. I know that might get confusing … Read More Safeword – Do you have yours?

Some Good Things Come in Little Packages!

And some things don’t! You all know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Do I have to spell it out? Okay…. P*E*N*I*S*E*S? But books, they can be big, they can be small, they can be wide and they can be tall! The After Dark series are little books with a whole lot of punch! We call them novellas because they’re between 25,000 and 30,000 … Read More Some Good Things Come in Little Packages!