About Slater & Quinn

About Nikita

Nikita Slater if she were a drawing

Nikita lives on the beautiful Canadian prairies with her eleven-year-old son and two psychotically untrained dogs (she prefers them that way, it makes life more interesting for the neighbours). 

Nikita has an unholy affinity for all kinds of books (but especially erotic romance), wine, animals and anything chocolate. Nikita loves to write dark mafia romances with some crazy badass antiheroes. She’s inspired by everything around her; but especially by music, people and exotic places. 

Despite some of the darker themes in her books (which are pure fun and fantasy!), Nikita is a staunch feminist and advocate of equal rights for all races, genders and non-gender specific persons. When she isn’t writing, dreaming about writing or talking about writing, she helps others discover a love of reading and writing through literacy and social work.

Nikita’s Website: http://nikitaslater.com/

About Jasmin

Jasmin Quinn if she were a drawing

Jasmin Quinn is a writer in her heart and soul and loves reading and writing highly erotic romance novels with strong male and female characters. She writes intense and sexy romance with a hint of suspense, a splash of intrigue and a whole lot of Alpha male.

Jasmin tries not to take herself too seriously, but some things matter to her – like good manners, compassion for humans and animals alike, and Canadian maple syrup on vanilla ice cream. She generally disregards other people’s opinions of her unless they’re complimentary, in which case she fully embraces them.

When Jasmin isn’t writing, she’s a beta reader and editor for Jem Monday Publishing. She also likes to fuss with her website, lunch with her friends, indulge in retail therapy, and play the occasional computer game. She stays in shape by exercising her rights to her opinion.

Jasmin lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada with her husband.

Jasmin’s website: https://jasminquinn.com/