Who’s a Good Girl?

Who’s a good girl? I’m a good girl! Nikita’s a good girl! We’re all good girls, and good girls can be very, very bad sometimes. Cadence is a good girl too. And Good Girl (A Captive BDSM Romance) is now available on Amazon.

We have a contract. We play, I submit, I leave. No strings. He’s my dominant, nothing more. And then I screwed up. I went on a date.

Now he wants more, and he’s willing to do anything to get it. I’ve become his captive, his plaything. He’ll push my limits, drive me to the edge. He wants his good girl back.

I’ve wanted to keep her from the beginning. Take her the way I wanted, all in, my obedient little submissive. But then she messed up. Now she’s mine.

I’ll keep her in a cage, torture her senses. Make her beg, scream and cry. And once she’s broken, I’ll have my good girl back.

The banning of Chained on Amazon has made us a little gun shy, so we made an executive decision to change up the cover.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered a copy, there’s still a chance to grab it for $0.99. We hope you love it!

What’s next? Hostile Takeover! Release date for it will be June 21 and as usual, it will be up for pre-orders early in June.

Dru: He’s the boss’s son. Sexy, charming, predatory. He’s working for me, taking my job, stealing my power. But that’s not enough for him. Now his sights are set on me.

Liam: She’s my boss. Beautiful, intelligent, resilient. Locked in a battle with me that she won’t win. I’ll be the victor; she’ll be my prize.

Happy reading, everyone!

Love Jasmin & Nikita

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