If Chained were a Book – Oh Wait. It is! And it’s Out!

Me and husband. He’s Batman!

Please don’t judge me, but I need to put it out there. I’m married. I wasn’t forced into marriage. It was voluntary. Also, I’m not married to a mafia guy, a shifter, a billionaire, or a biker. I don’t know where I went wrong. Neither does my husband. We don’t do three-ways and we’re still undecided about the HEA. We commit to each other most days of the week and when we feel like we might kill the other, he plays golf with his friends and I drink wine with mine.

He doesn’t like me to talk about him in my blogs because he doesn’t trust what I’ll write. I’ll always tell him I exaggerate the size of his penis and his muscles. Yet, he still seems uncomfortable. Not sure why.

Nikita in her youth

Nikita used to be married. It was her, not him. But they are amazing co-parents. Her first marriage didn’t have HEA, it kind of ended on a cliffhanger, and she cheated on him with chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. Thank god for sequels.

That was my lame segue into Chained – A Forced Mafia Marriage. It’s a little novella with a big punch, about a bastard Russian bratva guy and a cool Italian-Norwegian princess (who’s also a virgin), but we couldn’t add that to the title because then it would get long: Chained, A Forced Virgin Dark Bratva Mafioso Marriage Romance that ends in a Happily Ever After.

This book comes with a warning: read with an extra pair of panties (or none at all), wine and/or really hot dude.

What’s next!

Good girls! We know them, we love them, we are them! But the good girl in Good Girl puts the very, very bad in good. She’s a sub with an independent streak, which gets her in serious trouble with her dom. How serious? Find out on May 17th! Look for Good Girl to go up for pre-orders early May!

Will there be more of these dark little novellas? Yes! I love saying Yes! Nikita and I are planning to publish a novella each month through to December and probably beyond, unless we break up. We’re happy now, but that’s because we live in two different provinces with an entire other province separating us. So right now, we’re still chained. Oh my god, I’m on fire today!

Wishing you a hot, steamy and happy day!

Love Nikita & Jasmin

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