Safeword – Do you have yours?

Safeword is out… I mean in… I mean available on the Amazon bookshelf! If you pre-ordered, it should be already on your Kindle Reader. If you didn’t, it’s FREE now on Kindle Unlimited.

I’ve been thinking a lot about safewords. Shouldn’t we all have them? Mine would be ‘Please Please’ for stop and ‘Yes Please’ for slow down. I know that might get confusing but I know what I’m doing.

Nikita decided on Alpaca and Salsa as her safewords though she didn’t elaborate on which was which. It’s not easy finding a picture of two alpacas in a bedroom eating salsa. I deserve a gold star!

What are your Safewords?

Enough about beasts in the bedroom! Okay, never enough about that, but moving along anyway…

THANK YOU for making Collared a #1 International Bestseller. I think everyone knows how excited we were over that!

If you haven’t yet read it, you can buy it on Amazon or read it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

On to the next order of business. Chained! Oh my god, it’s going to be good. Dark though. Maybe even darker than Collared, but you’ll have to be the judge.

Is it going up for presales?

Yes. It is. Pre-orders sometime before April 10th. Available for reading on April 19th!

Then after that? Good Girl! Seriously! It’s going to be scorching! And one or two others in the works.

Thank you everyone for your support and fantastic taste! Happy salsa to you!

Love Nikita and Jasmin

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